President Donald Trump has to decide between protecting America’s Economy and American People – Hemant Kaushik Harry

America is still in the early stages of this Corona Virus Disease. Because of this reason, it may appear to some as though stay at home & social distancing rules are unnecessary, too burdensome, or not working. In fact, evidence of the data from other countries from all around the World shows that stay at home & social distancing measures can slow the spread of the Corona Virus.  Stay at home & social distancing works, but it takes time to create results. The first case in USA was recognized in mid-January 2020. The total number of reported cases in America has exceeded 120,000, with more than 2200 deaths which have resulted from this Coronavirus disease up until 29th March 2020. Due to the lack of testing for Coronavirus in America as well as all over the World, we understand that millions of people have already contracted the Coronavirus, but are unaware either because they do not have symptoms or because they are unable to confirm that they have the virus due to lack of testing.  Thus, the virus will continue to spread after showing symptoms in the coming weeks.

Despite enforcing lockdown and social distancing efforts, new cases will continue to be diagnosed during this time two reasons. First, even effective, forceful “STAY AT HOME” orders cannot stop all transmission. People will still need to go out of their houses for essential supplies such as food, and other groceries, and people with essential jobs like healthcare workers, police, army and many others will continue to go to work. Both of these present chances for new transmissions. Second, the public health advantage of social distancing will not be completely realized and will not be impactful until the government enforces complete lockdown and quarantine for an extended period of time which includes sealing the country and major outbreak states from incoming and outgoing transportation via flights, buses, trains and other means of transport. Many people who have already contracted Coronavirus in the weeks before the stay home and social distancing rules were put in place will not be diagnosed until they begin to show symptoms, which can take up to 2 to 4 weeks. The people who are having a good immune system may get these symptoms after 4 weeks or so or even longer comparatively more lax social distancing practices will be even less effective than staying home orders.

Decreasing the asymptomatic spread is the prime goal of stay at home and social distancing. However, asymptomatic transmission is the more difficult form of transmission to monitor without widespread availability of testing, which is currently unavailable in America as well as in many other countries. Due to these reasons, we will likely begin to see more positive cases and deaths in some countries at the end of April.

The first Coronavirus case in America was confirmed on January 21st, 2020, in Washington state. The patient had traveled to Wuhan city in China. After viewing the terrible results of Wuhan, if in the beginning, all States in America would implement stay at home and social distancing requirements with varying levels of enforceability, then we could save the lives of more than 2200 people who died till March 29th, 2020. In the coming days, if President Trump and the Governors of all states in America will not do complete lockdown in all cities for at least the next 1 month then results will be more shocking and more than half million people may be affected by this pandemic till 31st April 2020 in the USA. If more than 1 million people get infected by this Corona Virus in America, there is a high chance that it may continue for several more months or years. If it will spread every day in the same ratio, then more than 5 million people across the globe can get this Coronavirus till the 30th of June 2020.

The Trump administration has already wasted a month to slow the spread of Corona Virus throughout the USA. The Governors of all states and Governments of all countries should take strict action for enforcing complete lockdown in addition to implementing stay at home and social distancing measures. The President, Donald Trump should prioritize protecting the health of the American people over trying to boost the American Economy and protect this nation against the Corona virus also referred to as ‘the invisible enemy’. We are just now, in the beginning, stages and are already, seeing the rapid spread of this pandemic as more cases and deaths occur, fear raises, and hospitals become overburdened. More delay in enforcing complete lockdown, in addition, to stay at home and social distancing efforts all over the country now would not only allow further spread of Coronavirus and impact the lives of millions of people but it would also cause countless long-term damage to the economy.

Hemant Kaushik – Harry (Author of this article) is the CEO of International Brand Consulting Corporation, Berkshire Media and USA TV NEWS Corp. He provides consulting to companies interested in increasing profits, sales, and revenue or aiming to start new ventures. He is also the trusted advisor to many of the world’s most leading businesses and institutions. The insights and quality services he provides, help build trust and assurance in the capital markets and in economies across the globe. He has worked with many Political Leaders & Political Parties globally. His company also provides Consulting Services to many Govt. Institutions and Departments Worldwide.

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