Peter Jacob- Fighting for Families

Peter’s parents were able to achieve the American Dream of providing a better life for their children. Many families across the 7th District, and across New Jersey, have been able to do the same. But for a growing number of families, the unfortunate reality is the Dream being crushed under the weight of rampant greed in a race pitting neighbors against one another. The ability for ultra-rich individuals and corporations to funnel unlimited sums of money into our elections has resulted in a corrupt, ineffective, and unresponsive federal government. Income and wealthy inequality is at its highest point in the last century.

Whether you are from the working class neighborhoods in Phillipsburg, Dover, or Clark; the farming communities of Franklin, Readington, or Branchburg; the small business driven main streets of Somerville, Summit, or Westfield; or the estates of Roxbury, Chester, or Alexandria, the crises of climate change, income inequality, deteriorating infrastructure, and endless war affect us all. These problems will have dire impacts on generations long into the future.