World Dignity Forum organised summit with solutionaries in Los Angeles, USA on February 8th & 9th, 2019

The Seeding Summit marked the break of day of a new era of Dignity on Earth. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Linda Gray, Chief Phil Lane Junior, Pato Banton, Yogi Cameron, Olivia cyprinid fish, and Rajesh Vanzara were amongst the Icons and celebrities from spirituality, Hollywood, music, health, fashion, business, media, and science, who came along as Solutionaries. Their solutions seeded the globe Dignity Movement addressing pressing problems in ethics, economics, atmosphere, arts also as existential threats.“Our intention for the globe Dignity Forum as a full, is to convene solutionaries; showcase, co-create and amplify high impact solutions that represent a collective conscience for international matters — the acutely aware counterpart to the globe Economic Forum, as it were.” comments Mynoo Maryel, company high flier turned aware visionary and caller of the globe Dignity Forum. it’s a “one-stop shop”, where Solutionaries meet, have significant conversations and showcase their work and its impact in reworking the standard of life. The Forum is meant to occur, online and on land. Solutionaries came from the U.S.A., India, Russia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Southern America.

Everyone signed the Dignity Declaration to “Honor build and nurture dignity, in self, communities with all living beings and also the atmosphere we co-habit together; with kindness and cooperation; for a peaceful, abundant and property world.”The main Forum is going to be held later in 2019 at Wisdome LA and can feature a Hollywood Bollywood extravaganza on the evening of the Dignity Honors celebrating Pillars of Dignity from different walks of life.