Meet Kairos Investment Centre by Vidya Ashok

Meet Kairos Investment Centre, The brain behind this venture is Vidya Ashok

Vidya Ashok was previously associated with a Wealth Management firm.  After gaining experience on investments, she decided to set up her own Investment Centre. That’s how ‘Kairos Investment Centre’ came into being. In less than a year of having ventured into the IFA space, the organization has already built up a sizeable client base and a steadily increasing AUM. Credit goes to Vidya, the brain behind this venture.

What explicates her rapid client base growth?

After quitting her previous stint with a Wealth Management firm, she got herself busy printing visiting cards and spread the word around about her new venture.Her vision and mission was to be a facilitator for people to achieve their financial commitments and goals.  And she is of the firm opinion that if you convince people that you would take care of their best interests then only would they invest with you.

To begin with, she concentrated on some SIP’s and handled one client at a time.A quantum jump was achieved with retirees looking to invest their life’s savings to generate income after retirement. They needed money from the very next month itself. Only after we explained different schemes and options the client responded by investing with us and is highly satisfied. Very soon the word spread and we started getting several inquires through referrals. Since a lot of automation and ease of transactions have come up, now we have clients from across Navi Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nagpur and Pune .

How does she maintain the Client Relationship?

We aim to have the relationship to last a lifetime. With a sharp run up in the markets there are a lot of calls from our existing clients to invest fresh lumsum funds. In their best interests we ask them to go through a Mother fund (debt) and use the STP route to equity funds. This is something they never heard of, or their previous IFA/MFD never briefed them properly and lucidly. So we always have their best interests in mind and this is what cements the lasting relationship. We also closely monitor their portfolios and send periodic reports.

Also confidentiality of client’s investments is a very important factor here. Since almost all clients are through referrals it is imperative that we maintain utmost confidentiality.

What’s your road map for Future Growth?

Indian households are gradually shifting to Equities through Mutual Funds.Much of the growth will now come from B15 cities. We are tapping all our clients for references in towns and cities with the help of technology web and mobile based transactions making it much more convenient to get on to the Mutual Fund Bandwagon. We believe that the logical move in this field is trust, technology and solid assurance that your hard earned money is in safe hands. People’s faith and trust in you is the ultimate differentiating and crucial factor in this industry.

Interested persons can reach us  on or connect on 9769670884.

Report by: K V Raman