Kavita’s Yobics Workout

Kavita Nalwa is the founder of Kavita’s Yobics Workout.

YOBICS is the unique exercise which she has created. It is such a style of exercise where we don’t need any tools or equipment’s, just want to be you with a pure soul.
She is on a mission to build as many records in this unique form of exercise she had already 5 World Records in her bucket for WORLD RECORDS INDIA and INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS.
Her mission to build records is not only for making just records but her ideology behind this is to make Record Making popular in India and across the world and sponsors should grab as an opportunity for record making event as well as Media to cover all the details so that YOBICS to reach out remote parts of the world and making our world a healthy one. she wants to motivate all the people around the world to take this YOBICS exercise which tremendously helps you in a great way.
She has trained many Bollywood and TV personalities and succeeded to spread this unique exercise to most parts of India.
It is been rising on a popular mode as she is getting calls from sponsors to make her future event in a blasting manner.
She thanks to current sponsors :
1) Gaurav Dilip Porwal Ji
2) AIAA Shimla
3) Wockhardt Foundation Little Hearts
4) Datri as an NGO partner
5) Blue I
She does take care of her sponsors as they get enough mileage to showcase their products or services.
Her sincere thanks to Gaurav Dilip Porwal, in her journey of making records he gave her the opportunity to build her previous two World Records with the help of their team.
A great thanks to Sai Ventures(Digital partners) and their team for handling her event on a Digital Platform, which has boosted her performance on a digital media platform, so that my Yobics can reach to remote places as well.
And last but not the least Thank you to the MAP Events Parth Shah team, because of them the previous event happen in a much-organized manner
She happily to announce that she has made her 5th World Record on 29th May 2018 where she’ performed JUMPING TWIST ON TOES for one hour.
A great Thank You to her Media Partner, USA Tv News Special thanks to Hemant Kaushik Ji and his entire USA TV NEWS team to cover this event.