Best Wedding Venue in New Jersey USA is Royal Alberts Palace

Authentic Indian food and ambiance is really good at Royal Alberts Palace. Try Butter chicken and chicken Kolhapuri here.We did a party last evening at Maharaja hall at Royal Alberts Palace.. Wonderful experience. It was a Saturday night and the arrangement was good. Other halls were also booked with several large tables of guests in the main room, and a huge birthday celebration in the banquet space. Nevertheless, our service was well paced and impeccable. From the moment we entered and were greeted by the Manager Ashok Kumar. we were treated like family. My husband and I (we are both American descent) are taking a trip to India next February. Having never been there, and not well acquainted with the cuisine, we went to Royal Alberts Palace to begin our orientation! Their reputation for excellence is legendary (I worked in NYC years ago and enjoyed many meals at the original Indian Restaurants on Park Avenue). Given our lack of knowledge about Indian food, we asked server to bring a selection of mildly spiced appetizers and entrees for us. Everything was delicious! Between now and our trip, we will be returning often to continue our culinary education!